Allan Presland is the Chairman and CEO of the multi-national education company, Lara Group PLC. Lara provides a range products and services to and for the global education market.

Allan is also the CEO of Parenta Group, the market-leading international childcare training and software company, which is owned by Lara. He is also the CEO of Amplify Investments, a boutique investment house focusing on supporting small businesses.

Parenta has enjoyed significant success over the years and is now the UK’s largest supplier of services to the early years sector, working with around 6,000 childcare businesses.

In 2013, Allan was inspired to create the Parenta Trust – a charity which aims to help the chronic education problems found in post-conflict sub-Saharan Africa. Within its first 4 years, the Trust had built and opened four nurseries in Uganda and commissioned a fifth.

Allan is an active member of the Vistage professional network, which is comprised of business owners who meet regularly to exchange ideas and discuss the challenges they face. His professional interests include: marketing, entrepreneurship, business growth, project management and staff engagement.

In 2014, Allan won the Key Person of Influence Pitchfest competition, an event which sees 10 standout entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to a judging panel about what will be the next big breakthrough in their business.

More recently, Allan has written a book about his experiences of the childcare sector called “Improving the business of Childcare”. Within days of launch, the book had achieved number one status in both the Pre-school & Nursery and the Coaching & Mentoring sections of Amazon.

Allan is a family man and has five children – Jake, Bella, Maddie, Ruby and Jordan, and their mad dog, Hector. When he is not travelling for business, he enjoys spending time with the family, reading business books and doing all he can to help raise awareness of the work of his charity in Africa.