Allan is an investor in many companies, particularly those either within the childcare sector, or who supply to the childcare sector.

Through his company, Amplify Investments, Allan works with entrepreneurs and business owners who want to transform their business.

Using a number of systems to radically improve sales and cashflow, Allan invests in small or distressed businesses to affect a positive turnaround. The last two companies that Allan invested in have both seen increases in sales of over 1000%.

If you have a business that requires investment, is in distress, or is a start-up company within the childcare sector and would like an initial conversation, contact Allan here.

Additionally, Lara Group PLC are always looking for high quality, best in class, profitable education businesses to join them. Using the agglomeration model, Lara expands by offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to grow their businesses whilst being under the umbrella of a listed company. For more information about Lara, please click here.